Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Life in the Day (21)

THE ENCOUNTER................
Great segway , what? lol lol .
OK, so there I was after the pee and freezing my tits off , shaking with cold from being on THE ROAD, and as I tried to lay out my quilt to get some sleep, along comes this "guy" who sees me shaking and flapping my arms to get some circulation going , and offers me the warmth of his heater in his car . Little did I know what his "true" intentions were!
Granted that I had survived P. A. , but that was in a cloistered world of a military academy. I didn't think that "Dreck" like that could seep into the outside "real world".
OK , so the guy asks me to have a seat IN HIS CAR as he turns on the heater,what a dummy I was! Now understand that I have NO idea what's on his mind , YET !
OK , now I'm starting to see the light as he say," Have you ever seen pictures like theis?" , I take one look and say,"see ya!" , and get my skinny Jewish ass out of the car as quick as I can and run for my bedroll and bike even FASTER! In the 60's there was a saying..........."color me GONE!". I was !
I managed to jump on my "horse" and ride as fast as she could for about 2 hours until the cold got to me again and I HAD to stop from lack of sleep and the cold that was eating into me ! , so it happened that I saw a roadside pull-over site (you know , those that look like a concrete picnic table with a hood?).
I was too tired to resist, so I looked and saw cacti behind the area and drove into them to find Suaro Catie and COVER................
The morning came bright , sunny and hot . As I woke up to make coffee on a back-pack Sterno grill , I heard the cursing of a kindred spirit over by the concrete picnic table.
Now enters Joel Lake , who turns out to become my buddy ,fellow explorer and traveling companion in America , South America and England. He to was a runaway and the same age as me , 17, AND with a lame "horse!"(Kawasaki 250 CC. motorcycle with bad plugs),and a runaway as well ! (go figure! )
( Sorry for the delay in notes, but I just got a third job , and working 106 hours per week kinda puts the skids to time at the type writer ! The DREAM that I am working for is THAT important! More on THAT later!!!!!!!!! ).
OK , So I walk over slowly and check him out at a distance , and figure its OK , so I say, "Hi, sup? ".
Scared the shit outta him! ha ha ha ha ......He thought He was alone , like I did me.
So I ask him to go to my camp and get coffee for the both of us and I'd check out his bike.
He returns and I'd already checked and replaced the "plugs", (did I say that I was a good "JEWISH " BOYSCOUT?) that I saw were fouled.
As we sat there talking and getting the measure of each other , it comes to pass that we both thought the other guy is cool if not a little "odd", ha ha ha ...
Above all things , it came to pass that we seemed to agree on ALL things such as ,1) mortality , 2)education , 3)politics , 4)authority , 5)drugs , 6)girls and 7)sex................ :)
answers? the book! ha ha ha .
1) too short. 2) NOT ENOUGH! 3) BITE ME ! 4) ALWAYS CHALLENGE AUTHORITY! (thanks ABBY HOFFMAN! :) ) 5) REEFER RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;) 6 & 7) YEAH BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)
After a bit more of small talk , I asked him where he was going. His reply was , "beats the fuck outta me." , whereupon I said, " lets flip a stick! ", So I reached over and picked up a twig, made one end different from the other and threw it up in the air!!!!!!!!!!! (picture 2001- the movie, where the ape throws up the thigh bone of a vanquished food source! ) ........................

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