Sunday, September 16, 2007

A Life In The Day (32)

HA HA HA HA HA .............
On our way to Veracruz , Joel PROVED His worth with the sling! ha ha aha ha ha ha .
From that point on , We didn't want for lack of food, and perty much we hunted at night unless we wanted a change in diet . (fish was a nice change after hunting at night , the Javolinas cleaned and dressed ready for the fires , ) Javelinas are nocturnal and Joel REALLY impressed the hell outta me with his ability not only at hunting and stalking but bagging game on the hoof ,so at sunrise , Joel and I would sit by the streams or rivers at sunrise , lite up a joint and just fish until we caught something. Amazing how patient one can be when your stoned...... ha ha ha ha ......
And by the time the fish were cleaned and some prairie hen eggs were set cooking along with the Javolinas ? , We were fat cats sitting on Alien Territories Heaven , Dreaming about our futures .
Joel would dream of being a GREAT artist , living somewhere in EUROPE , selling His paintings to the richest of the rich of world residents , Me ?
Me? ...........I was only thinking about worlds beyond worlds...............what makes this one tick ............
whats over that hill?.................what more is there out there for me to learn?......... who will I meet .................what will I do in this world ..........good ? bad?..............will I be a doctor ? a mathematician a research scientist .....................will I be an author,will I be an explorer................... will I know love ............
((Imagine if you can . the landscape of MARS, at night , DIFFERENT YES? HA HA HA ...)
(thank you JOHN CARTER!) EDGAR RICE BURROUGHS may your soul and memory be blessed !))
During the days that followed , there were times that we bagged and smoked enough food so as not to worry about food for a day or two and could afford not to have to hunt .
Now We both had time to basically have fun and explore and just goof off, (as if we weren't doing that all along! ha ha ah ah ).
AGAIN, think of that Mars (VASOOM), night land scape only in a south Mexican Desert at ..........? midnight ?
We came to the mountain range between us and the sea . We found new game to hunt and bag , we found new cliffs to climb , ( more on that in the future when I am in Israel ! ha ha ha ) ,
BUT above all , we met new people and ways of life .
We came/drove into a village so small one would just call it a bunch of huts with dogs (future food ), chickens(ditto) , small scrawny fields of corn , beans , a clean well , and a shitload of kids !
I guess that's what happens when there's no "JAY LENO" on late nite TV., go figure .................
(and the catholic church fostered this reprehensible way of life !!!!!!!!!!!!!)--(GO OUT AND POPULATE THE WORLD WITH SOLDIERS OF GAWD! DON'T WORRY ! WE WILL LEAD THEM , but NOT feed them !!!!!!!!! that's YOUR responsibility!).those pompous fucks !
NOW I will get on this little soap box .
It seemed that almost each and every small town or pueblo that we came to had some sort of church or in some of the bigger towns , Cathedrals . AND EACH AND EVERY ONE OF THEM HAD THE WEALTH OF THEIR FLOCKS ENCRUSTED ON THE WALLS IN ONE FORM OR ANOTHER !!!!!!!
Be it GOLD Platted Statues , Jewel studded Crucifixes , Golden Chalices , OUTLANDISHLY ORNATE ALTERS fit for KINGS , MONARCHS !
And the whole time their parishioner peasants were going hungry !
( at that time in history BIRTH CONTROL for Latin American countries was a SACRILEGIOUS CONCEPT! Pope Pious XII (?) And ANYONE who practiced it would be DAMNED TO HELL! )
In one large town , Joel and I saw little kids go to the back door of their churches and beg for milk , which they dutifully took home to their fathers who in turn went to bakers and SOLD the milk for money AND THEN went to the local Cantina to buy drinks for the day !!!!
THIES kids would walk the streets for the day begging from tourists for more money which they would bring home that night to turn over to their fathers again!!!!!! We found things out like this from other kids like us who came to hang out with us at our camp fires on the outskirts of said towns , it seemed that kids(guys) our age thought that Joel and I were GREAT ADVENTURES OF THE WORLD !!!
Thies kids would tell us of horror stories of their drunken fathers and how they would come home after a hard day of drinking and pull the blanket separating the main room from the rest of the family and commence to rape their mothers as the older ones would attempt to shield the little ones with stories of Mexican Fairy tales as their mothers cried behind the "room " partition. I mean , after all , this action was sanctioned by the CHURCH . They were bringing more soldiers of GAWD into the world.........(even if 3 out of 5 babies died before the age of 5 ! )
Maybe at the time we were some of the first freedom riders planting seeds of change.......
( do your best to change it ! ..if you can't ? . leave it (as we did ) , and start over again with a better life !!!.......Use your minds to free yourselves !!!!!!!!!!! )
(GOOGLE it folks ! )

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