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A Life In The Day (35)


(and the gold ..................eventually.)
During that particular time in my life , politics really didn't mean a shit load to me if it didn't deal with America. So there's really not much I can say that would sound nice , except that that which we saw in the near boarder frontier south of Chiapas and yet northwest of Huehuetenango , was enough to say that AMERICA is the BEST FUCKING COUNTRY IN THE WORLD !!!!!
As Joel and I were nearing the check point to enter Central America , we camped in the forest to hunt , relax , (as if we weren't doing that all along :) ), and smoke up the rest of our shit ! ha ha ha , and a good thing that ! Although we had finally smoked up our "gift" , in our ventures to villages and making friends with local kids our age , we learned how and where to get and gather our own Peyote for the future. Ha ha ha ha ha .
Literally , staying in the shadows of the forests and really being well accepted by many of the villages that we encountered on our way south , we came to find that the local police and military installations in the up coming localities were not of pure hearts. (remember it's1964-5 )
In the 16'th century , a family's' only chance to receive any semblance of "wealth" , was to "INDENTURE" , their male child into the clergy ,for only the clergy would or could acquire the riches of the poor !, and in being sycophants to the power of the CHURCH, hope to rise in the ranks of the Religious Hypocrisy !
BUT , in the 20'th century, the only hope in Central and South America for ANY kind of wealth or freedom not only for the family , but for the INDIVIDUAL was to go into the army !
Joel and I came to the village of Piernas Pequenas , who made thies names up in the old times ?
We were a bit north east of Huixoc . A small village then .
We didn't mean to skirt boarders , mainly because we didn't see many of them as we rode Thur the deserts, but ......
We were close to the forest clearing and set up camp but didn't lite a fire , (good for us ) , and were intending to walk into the village , mainly because our Bikes made rude sounds ( remember ? no baffles!) and most of the people at that time would have been scared ................
The sun was setting as we started walking to the village when we heard gunfire and screaming ,
A LOT OF SCREAMING ...........
We fell on our bellies at the sounds of the first bullets , and both crawled to the top of a small rise
to look over the edge and not be seen by the Federales and possibly killed ourselves.
What I saw is what follows .
There were 3 trucks in the small convoy with about 10 or 11 soldiers in each one.
Each one was armed as if for a lite recon , with riffles , (M1's acquired from U.S. Army surplus ) , ammo , and tequila and some were even smoking reefer . (we were down wind) . They were already pretty well cooked and laughing uproariously and were herding the villagers , ( what later counted out to be 147 souls) , into the center of the pueblo to be divided into 3 groups.
The first were all males over what seemed to be 13 years of age or so , the second were all the young boys and the third were ALL the females of ALL ages .
Some soldiers were building fires in the square from wood acquired by destroying the wooden shacks around the center and lit after being doused with kerosene. The light from the fires and the head lamps of the trucks was more then enough to see the horrors that were soon to unfold before our eyes.
2 of the soldiers began to haul women roughly by there garments and ripping them off in front of the other soldiers , where husbands or relatives of the woman in question would run to her rescue only to be hit down with a rifle butt to the head , and then ordered by laughing soldiers to drag the unconscious and bleeding man back to the group of remaining prisoners , the soldiers would then continue to ask if this one or that one was to be kept , only to be told in loud yells of drunken mirth whether "SI or NO ", if there was a "NO" , the woman , either too old or too ugly or too fat by the soldiers choices , would be thrown into the group of male prisoners where men would gallantly take off their shirts and place around the women in a futile attempt to cover their shame.
As all this was happening , 3 other soldiers were setting up a 50 cal. water cooled machine gun on its tri-pod on the rear of the truck facing the group of men and women at the other end of the village !
There was so much crying and screaming .......
That night I lost my innocence....
The machine gun opened up without any signal I could see!
The cacophony of the horrific symphony that followed could only have been composed by "HIERONYMUS BOSCH" , Himself............."THE CRIES OF HELL........."
never until that night
had I ever had any idea what a 50 caliber bullet
could do to a human body............
as the bullets started ripping Thur the air, Joel screamed in horror, without even thinking,I quickly rolled to my right and covered his mouth with my hand and whispered viciously, "SHUT UP YOU DUMB FUCK! YOU WANT TO GET US KILLED TO?!"
The sound of the first volley was the only thing that kept us from being heard or found out !
Time seemed to slow down like in a surrealistic movie directed by "Sam Peckinpah", where a second was stretched into a minute , a minute into an hour........
They had made the villagers stand in rows of 20 or so , like ranks in an army platoon as they started to commence the SLAUGHTER!!!
The bullets were coming down from an angle on the back of the truck .
As the hammer hit the first cartridge of the first bullet , I was given the, Gift/Curse of SUPER HEARING AND SIGHT .
The first sweep of the 50 cal. slugs from left to right , blew , tore , ripped apart , how ever the fuck you want to describe the fucking CARNAGE!! ,of the innocent villagers .........
bullets hit the first ranks , about shoulder high , they showered the second rank with their life's blood , bone fragments , and globs bright red stuff of their lungs .
As the bullets passed Thur the first row of villagers and commenced into the second row , they hit about "gut high", ripping out their intestines and spines ! The third row was more cruel , in the respect that they were hitting or going thur the hips and thigh bones , all the while making them all fall down like puppets with the strings cut , and still alive !.....but not for long , the massive bleeding drained them quickly, and slowed them down like stupid windup toys'.
After the men and women in group 1 were machined gunned and killed , the soldiers then started the real carnage !
The remaining 2 groups of villagers,(the remaining women and boys), were screaming or in shock as the soldiers reached them .
There were 8 or so, soldiers that chose the boys to brutalize .
The older boys were grabbed by the hair and slapped into semi-consciousness , then ripped their clothes off and bent over anything close at hand to be penetrated and raped!
The younger ones were just SCREAMING in fear and clutching at each other in terror, if they attempted to run to their mothers they were either cuffed or shot!
I saw a young woman who had to be in her third trimester who was pushed to her back then slit from vagina to breast bone only to have her yet unborn fetus pulled from her womb by its feet.
She crawled to the feet of the soldier, the whole time attempting to hold in her intestines, only to beg for the life of her child. The sadistic shit said that he would give her one last kiss of her baby , and proceeded to swing the fetus by its feet and smash it against her head ! All the while laughing!!!!!!
THIS WENT ON ALL NIGHT LONG.................the screams were less strong in their plea for death .....the gun shots were less numerous in the fact that there were less to fight back ...........AND MORE OF THE DEAD
At one point in time, I saw some of the soldiers who were tired of the children they had used and done with ,or were dead , throw him or her into the community water well , located in the center of the plaza ,their were some still alive and screaming for help at the bottom, one of the soldiers stood at its edge with 2
fragmentation grenades , pull both pins . I saw both the bars pop off at the same time and counted with him!
1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , he dropped them both in , 9 , 10 ! the muffled explosion could be heard even to where Joel and I lay hidden , but the gush of flame shooting out of the top of the well was like a fart from HELL , flame shot up for yards into the night!!!!!!
There was no more screaming of children from the bottom of the well ...........
I held Joel in my arms like I did to my kid brother,Blair , when He was scared by a neighbors big dog , all trembling and crying.
I couldn't tear my eyes away the whole time .........
Dawn started to break ,and the soldiers started to gather their shit together and start to leave . There was one soldier left ,who walked among those scattered on the ground of the plaza
with his gun drawn and shot any who he thought might be alive ! HE WAS SYSTEMATIC ,THAT FUCKER ! MAY HE ROT IN HELL!!!!!!!!
As dawn was breaking the horizon , the trucks were pulling out of the village .
Joel and I waited at least an hour after the caravan had left before we even thought to approach the village.
Joel kept pulling at my arm screaming "NO! NO!!!!!!! " , I KEPT GOING ON TO SEE IF I COULD HELP?
Joel got 8 or 10 yards from the first body , fell to his knees and puked and kept puking .....
I walked on crying the whole time , preying that I might know enough of "boy scout"first aid to help someone , ANYONE .......GAWD THE CARNAGE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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