Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Life in the Day (54)


It seemed that during the night, as Joel and I were driving the Porcelain Bus,
Flying Fish had sailed onto the decks of the ship, driven by the storm. And the Chief Cook had gone on deck to gather as many as he could to prep for lunch, before the Sun could have its' way with them.
It turns out that Flying Fish are sweet and delicate in taste. and if buttered and lightly battered and quick pan fried, the taste was unusual and more exquisite then you could have EVER expected! BAR NONE!
As we sat at table, the chief cook brought in 2 platters of sweet and salty Flying Fish, 2 platters of buckwheat hot cakes, real honey and pitchers of cold milk and hot coffee for all of us.
Being Sunday and a skeleton crew, we all sat and ate with time as our guest.
We were being asked of our ..adventures? hahahha

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