Sunday, May 6, 2007

A Life in the Day (9)

AT THE AGE OF 11 , my emotional world started to crumble at its base liken the Empires of old. My life ceased to have solid footing in a state of reality. the Empires of Egypt, of Rome or those of Japan could not hold a candle to the pain and disillusionment of my 11 year old mind and heart ache. My mother suffered her own HELL! She had a total emotional and mental meltdown! She went maschugana, potzo.( to those of you who don't know Yiddish or Italian , that equates to being "nuttier then an shit house rat!")
While mother was interred , I was placed , moved and scuttled from foster home to foster home. One was the BEST! with a wonderful family of 3 brothers and 4 sisters (AND I WOULD HAVE LOVED TO HAVE MARRIED ANY OF THE SISTERS except Tianna , She was just plane nasty! ha ha ha ha .More on Her in a later chapter :) ) and they beat the shit out of me(not really ) and taught me how to DANCE with soul (albeit the sisters used to "burn"me (for the uninitiate white folk that means "sucka")). boarding school to boarding school to the ultimate den of hypocrisy, A MILITARY ACADEMY! (PAGE MILITARY ACADEMY by name ! I have NO reservations at this date in time of giving the name of that den of pedophile overseers !). Be it known that from each and every one of those institutions I made my personal efforts to emulate the adventures of STEVE MCQUEEN in "the GREAT ESCAPE", and ran away every Chance I could! (and like Him , I was caught every time and brought back !).
I just took a 10 min. break, I needed that ....................the rest that will follow will be intense! even for's Not going to be a pretty picture!


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