Friday, May 11, 2007

A Life in the Day (11)

PEDOPHILE ACADEMY( will now be referred to as P. A. ) , was overseen by military wanna-be losers ! Not one of the pedophile caretaker overseers ever served in the army, with the exception of one "Capt. Beauchamp", and he only made it to the rank of "Sargent" in the Army Signal Corp. , more on how I came to that piece of information later , also an "LT. McCLOUD". He was an auto mechanic before He joined the staff of P. A..
The teaching staff of P.A. was taught by has-been retired teachers who couldn't , or wouldn't be hired by the state of California for various reasons.(!)
It was safe to say that P A was the last repository of children for parents who didn't care to be bothered with the care of their children. ( it was a little pricey, but hey, who cares as long as it gets rid of that mill stone around your neck called "my kid"). I was the exception, I was placed there by the state, after all , my mothers portfolio could afford it, and the state got it piece of the pie.
While mama was resting in LA-LA Land, I was fighting my way up from the bottom of the 7 levels of "DANTE'S HELL", the paintings of "Hieronymus Bosch" had nothing on me!
Each dorm had it's adult officers and its cadet subordinate officers , ( suck-up kid squealers really.),1'st Thur 9'th grades and what ever ages that meant.
The day consisted of revely at 6am.,brush your teeth, shave,(oh crap, that comes later in life!), Make your bed tight enough to flip a quarter on . (At 9 or 10 years of age!) If not , it would be stripped and flipped ! to start all over again! and if all this wasn't done before Regimental Formation and the Flag raising, you'd get DEMERITS ! AND MORE DEMERITS! And this is where the day is taking us!


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