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A Life in the Day (18)

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Now this part tells of MANY TYPICAL occurrences in the life of a teenager.
Like loosing ones virginity with a girl named, "Stinky box wholfiler"(THATS THE TRUTH! lol ), and here I had a cast on my right foot from a break in SCRIMMAGE! in JV football PRACTICE of all things,and as I was "mounting"her,I swung my "casted" foot up and over only to come crashing down to BREAK HER TOE! lol lol (romantic ,yes?), and having the condom break at our climax! and here I had walked 1 mile to a local "ZODY'S" store (back then like a TARGET store today) ON CRUTCHES!!!!!!!!just to be safe for my FIRST SEXUAL ENCOUNTER! lol lol .......
Feeding BBQ RAT meat to my science teachers, and be complimented on it taste! (they didn't know what they ate! I had told them "rabbits", from our Lab Specimens, only my favorite Biology teacher "MR. KLIKINECK", knew! and He didn't tell them! He thought it was too funny! He knew rite off from the bone structures!
---Getting forced into sex with a septuagenarian.---
Almost getting caught having sex with a neighbors wife, and meanwhile standing in the shower stall as he took a piss with his back to me after coming home drunk only to stagger off to bed and pass out before I could escape! (think "The Pink Panther"), with Robert Wagner in the shower stall as Inspector Clouseau putzed around in the bathroom.(lol) ( remember I'm 14 yrs. old now and now I'm big.(growth hormones kicked into OVERDRIVE. so did my SEX DRIVE!)) .
Having sex on, and falling off of a Honda 250cc.scrambler motorcycle down a 50' gully in the mountains as a car came around the turn.
Making out in the back seat of my 56' push-button drive Plymouth as my date and I were at a drive-in playing "Birdman of Alcatraz"and have her Dentures pop-out!
Or running away from home for the first time.
As a runaway from Home for the first time , hearing AND seeing, "The RIGHTEOUS BROTHERS" and their NEW RELEASE, "LITTLE LATIN LOUPYLOU". or "DICK DALE and the DEL TONES"at the RONDEVU BALLROOM in Balboa Beach,Calif.
Meeting SHELLY FABRE, while working on a harbor tug as She was filming for, "The DONNA REED SHOW"
As a runaway , registering myself into CORONA DELMAR HIGH SCHOOL so as to still acquire my education AND get 2 part-time jobs to support myself as I attended school, AND RENT(!)an APARTMENT!!!!!!!!
Being caught as a juvenile runaway by an Officer Gomez, and as I had to wait for my parents to come retrieve me , He ACTUALLY APOLOGISED TO ME for having to bring me in!!!!!!!
He told me that I was the ONLY juvenile EVER, that He had EVER had encountered that installed himself back in High School, maintained good grades, gotten 2 part time jobs, and rented an apartment AND stayed out of trouble, to boot! (He met my parents and understood why I ran away!).
Meeting my First NYMPHOMANIAC(!) on Balboa Island in a record store, (for a JEWISH kid at the age of 16 who had the opportunity to DIDDLE a blond haired,blue eyed, shickza, who just LOVED to SCREW(!), this was a gift of MANNA from on high!!!!!!!!!), albeit, I was ALMOST caught by her father when he came into her room because he heard noises. (she was in bed under the covers , I was in the closet behind a pile of clothes until he left!), whereupon I left at the crack of dawn leaving Thur the window having to "CRAWL" and stagger 3 blocks to the ferry to get across the channel to my apt., to REST! (HEY! even at 16, SUPERMAN had his limits! ).
Or meeting THE REAL "LONE RANGER" from the old TV Series at the channel mouth one day as I pondered my future, and we talked......WOW, what a guy!
Or meeting ANDY DEVINE from the TV series "THE WILD BILL HITCHCOCK " TV show!
Or meeting BUDDY EPSON from "THE BEVERLY HILLBILLYS", what a sweet man!
Or graduating 2 yrs. early from high school, (did I mention that I was considered intelligent?) and getting a parental consent form signed to move out of the house, and move into a room the size 15'x5', and happy as a clam at high tide!
Or hearing about the ASSINATION of PRESIDENT KENNEDY as I was running stock at my after school job at "KINNEY'S SHOE STORE" and seeing my jerk-off, hard-assed boss cry like a baby as he heard the news on the radio news bulletin.
Or going to college and pledging the Fraternity "OMICRON DELTA NU" ,WE WERE THE "ORIGINAL"BAD BOYS ON or OFF CAMPUS! lol. We were kicked off-campus 2 times. Long before the movie "ANIMAL HOUSE", and for ALL the same reasons! (GOD BLESS ALL MY " O-D-N" BROTHERS OUT THERE!).
Or watching the "WATTS RIOTS" on TV and having 2 of my buddies who had bikes as well,(motorcycles), ask if I wanted to go down to WATTS and "check it out!", I declined, Harvey was arrested for being at the WRONG place AT the WRONG time, Billy was hospitalized for being a dumb-assed white boy in a black city of turmoil!
Or working 56 hrs. at an all-nite gas station and taking a full scholastic load at college and still not having enough money for a Biology Text. and after asking my mother for some assistance in its purchase, turning me down and saying she would not help!, saying that she didn't have the money to spare. (CRAP! the woman was f--king RICH! what with the portfolio that my Father had left her and with the various settlements from 2 previous divorces and this third and current "SCHLEP", who had his own meat packing company! (no pun!) remember that I had said that she went "MACHUGANA" after Fathers death! And turned into a really twisted woman!).
Or wondering , "What is this thing called VIET NAM"?", that we keep seeing on TV?
Why did 5 of my classmates "knock-up" their girlfriends and get married SO fast?
What's a "DEFERMENT"?
What's the "DRAFT"?
Why were 7 of my classmates Killed In Action?
Why did 3 of my "FRAT BROTHERS",suddenly have a REALLY small goodbye party and leave for Canada so fast?
Why did 3 of who I thought to be my "best-est friends" come over late one night to bring me my mail? and when I opened it , it started with the words,"GREETINGS, FROM THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES ..................."....................AND WHY DID I THINK IT WAS REAL?????? hell I was only 17 ! (6 years later I found out that they meant it as a joke and really didn't think it would elicit such actions on my part!
Or why, after they left that night, were my hands shaking as I packed my backpack with underwear, jeans, Homer, Hemingway, a ream of note paper, a packing quilt from a moving van and $200.
Or why, after midnight , as I sat on my Honda 250c.c. scrambler and a full tank of gas, was I crying?
THE ROAD.................

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