Monday, May 28, 2007

A Life in the Day (17)

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For some inexplicable reason a cadet named Micheal Plemons and I started to acknowledge each other and start to hang out together. I really don't know why? but we did.
He looked like a barrel, Me? I looked like a sandbag shaped to look like a watermelon,(go figure!). At any rate we became friends. As the jester of the universe would have it? we introduced our parents together.
As things turned out , I was now taken to live at home out of P. A. . During this time it came to my awareness that I had more "uncles" then I knew I had! There was "uncle Harry", He ran the local hardware store,"uncle Charles", He owned the local drugstore, oh , and lets not forget "uncle Ray" , I have no idea what he did., but they ALL had one thing in common, they All came to the back door! That's when I slept on the "I LOVE LUCY" couch in the living room. That was fine by me, cause then I could watch that magnificent ,19" black and white ,console R C A TV with 500 knobs (only 3 worked! off/on, channel select, and the other that made the picture flutter up or flutter down. gawd but I got sick looking at that! I loved it ! )
THE FABULOUS 52 what a show!!!!!! meanwhile mother was bumping uglies in the bedroom.
OK FOLKS . i WANNA GET OUT OF HERE AS MUCH AS YOU DO. So suffice it to say that Micky and I introduced our parents together , they married and out popped Blair Alan and Alana Viola.(remember that I said I was the first of 3 issues?)
During this time I was placed in my First PUBLIC Junior High school .
Now we'll have some fun! lol lol

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