Monday, February 11, 2008

A Life In The Day (39)

NOW, THE WHOREHOUSES and the CORRUPTION in the Canal Zone...........
(and the lions and tigers and bears ...................OH MY .)
We had now come to the CANAL...........
It was difficult traveling with a stranger.....and still my BUDDY.
We went Thur the country of Costa Rice with little mishap,(by this time Joel and I looked like locales with shaggy hair , dirty jeans and such, with the exception of our motorcycles, but they were dirty also.)
We basically had the run of the the city as long as we kept low profiles. We kept our bikes by our rooming house , and for some reason we could always develope rapores with the local kids and for a few pesos would have our bikes looked after.

At this point in time we had no REAL need for money, and Joel and I would walk to the many churches and be floored the the opulence and wealth manifested by "the Church" , those fucking hypocrites! All around us was manifest poverty.and on the 3 occasions that Joel and I attended services,( We were hard pressed to remember NOT to put on our Yarmulkes" , ha ha ha .). and in the Spanish sermon we heard the priest demand for MORE offerings from its congregational, destitute army of Jesus the Christ.

This alone was enough to stress our ............values of socio-religious BULLSHIT! (where was GEORGE CARLIN when I needed Him?!).

Joel and I were maturing both physically and mentally. We were no longer the fat , dorky innocent, JEWISH kids that had started out on this adventure. We were NOW 2 lean, mean , fighting machines of 150 lbs or there abouts, (from the fat safe city of AT LEAST 185 LBS? EACH !! ).

Because of Joel's familiarity with the HOUSES, He would hear things from the "girls" about the local political workings around "this" city that others would not EVEN have a dream of .(I know , bad crammer, do not end a sentence with a preposition! ), tough shit ! this is MY narrative! ha ha ha !

We came to find out and later to see with our own eyes how the system worked at/with the boarder guards.....Ya know folks . at this moment I kinda feel embarrassed to be an American with what We saw at boarder crossings............ (it seems that most Americans -IN THAT TIME FRAME - thought that if THEY didn't know the language of the land , they thought all you had to do was SPEAK LOUDLY!)When Americans, (NOT Europeans, mind you.), encountered boarder officials and came in contact with Boarder Guards , that they could pay their way Thur any problem with American Dollars.

Joel and I would sit at the crossing and play a popular game with other kids and/or guards (if you had the money.), betting on "license plates" that came Thur.We would see and hear the "transactions" that transpired.....If there seemed to be a problem and the American wanted passage , speaking LOUDLY, would be opening himself to be financially "gutted",(like any animal WE had hunted and killed for food .), by the guards.

Later, Joel and I would go to our Cantina of choice to sit, eat, drink and LAUGH! at the happenings of the day ! :)

Thies lessons of STUPIDITY held us in good stead for the future!

I gotta get out of here ! It's too boring to expound on the corruption that We saw and heard.

Like the Magor that would come to this post and COLLECT his daily TAKE !

Crap! It was too blatant a vista of political corruption to go on with.


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