Monday, February 25, 2008

A Life In The Day (40)

The JUNGLE and the BITCHES (part 1)
(I'm still alive?)

We headed south from Las Cumbres to the crossing of just north of Paraiso , 2.7miles south , from there We headed south east to Chiva Chiva, then on to El Sitio. We skirted Panama city, I guess because of our youth , fear of what We had seen , our youthful stupidity of it all, or the fact that We were both just teenagers?

We pretty much rode close to Highway 1 , not close enough to see the road , but within at least 2 to 3 klicks east of it but still in the deserts. Villages were far and few between, but the occasional villages we did come to were of interest, and we to the young guys our age to them, in the respect that we learned of better ways to live off the land that would come to our aid in the upcoming jungles, and us to them in the fact of the world outside their villages.

I had always wondered about the city of Medellin, so we decided to head south west just for the hell of it.We had chosen to make a detour to the city of Antioquia, seeing as how we were in no hurry, and this little aside was to prove rather exciting for me at any rate.

As things turned out we never made it to Medellin We got as far as Antioquia and needless to say Joel and I headed to the nearest cantina.

I don't want you to think I didn't have as stiff a dick as Joel.........but that wasn't what made me think of ........more.

As time went on Joel was trying to forget. In time it would consume Him. We would , in retrospect, would only have months for our futures together as buddies.

At Antioquia we had gone to


sorry folks , but I had alot on my plate for the past 2/3 weeks ! I'm back now. :)


OK , where were we? oh yeah!

We STARTED to go to ANTIOQUIA, we never made it there. About 15 ? 18 miles north of Antioquia near a small city of Maledoros, (prophetic? ), we had stopped to rest , resupply and basically talk to more guys to learn about our surroundings. This town did not have a bordello so Joel was S O L , (SHIT OUT OF LUCK), but it did have a great Catina and incredible food! We had spent a few days looking around and getting to know the other kids, who again thought we were the hottest things since pancakes because of our bikes, our money,(about US $300), and our freedom.

It seemed that either kids of our age or our time,(the 60's), or the social depression of the area, or just the fact of the ease of natural procurement made getting high from mother earth easy! ha ha ha ha .

almost back!

Back again,

So as it turned out, we went to the cantina to eat and drink...... ha ha ha . and Joel did his best to proposition the local girls..... not so good luck! He was asked to leave and being my "BUD", I left with him.

As we walked out and down the steps, Joel being "TOASTED!", slipped on a step and twisted an ankle. At that time of night it was difficult to get help.

Nothing could be done until morning. Being in His present state, Joel didn't feel ANY pain! which was a bad thing! He exacerbated His injury! At sunrise we went to the local "medico",and after examination were told that Joel had to keep His leg in traction for at least 2 to 3 weeks or risk...........possible surgery on His leg!

I left Joel in the hospital bed and told Him I would check in with Him at times and walked out depressed for His sake. I went to our bikes to do "busy" work and to think of His health.

As I was cleaning our "plugs", a kid came up to me who we had made a friend of 2 days before as we were eating. I will NEVER forget his name,"CARLOS HERNANDEZ de PICA" . He asked of my friend and his health, and knowing that I ALWAYS carried books with me asked why?

I then told him of the JEWISH ritual equal to Christen Confirmation called "Bar Mitzva", I told him of the ritual of giving GIFTS on completion of the ceremony of passage and of my gifts,"BOOKS". we talked a long time as we walked to the outskirts of the town. He also wanted to know of the outside world and HOW to get there?, and I asked him of the land ......... HERE is where he told me of "BITCHES of the Jungle" that were said to be not only ALL female "dogs" but secular and vicious as well! A few days walk into the jungle,east. And that people kept away form that area. I was dumb enough to insist on more info. I had always been interested in Anthropology of all sorts, even at 17, but since I had an "iron horse", I could get there in 1 day. BUT to stop at the valley of the rocks and walk from there , or I would frighten them! And to bath vigorously to remove any sent of humanity that I could.

As we sat at the jungle, Carlos casually went and picked fruit off a tree that I had not seen before. He offered me one and became VERY cryptic!


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