Sunday, June 6, 2010

A Life In The Day (59)

----------the ODYSSEY 0f OLD NAMED PUBS and LONDON --------
Williker and his friends came by about 2/3 hours later as Joel and I were eating " BANGERS, EGGS and CHIPS". I SWEAR TO Gawd! that's what they were / are called! Sausages, eggs and country fries! hahaha.
Anyway , seaman Williker and friends came in and sat at our table. They were happy for our departure from the sea to land and our up coming life's adventure.
As Joel and I sat there listening to all their advice, we were bolled over by all the things we were told to look out for and beware of. Things like never go into a whore house with all your money in one pocket! Watch out for gambling houses in London, especially if we win and leave!
And don't eat HAGGUS! ,( made from a sheep's stomach, filled with the sheep's intestines,heart and other organs of the poor beast!), unless we wished to make complete fools of ourselves, by vomiting all over others !! (it's an acquired taste! it's REALLY disgusting! ). hahaha.
How the girls in England were called "birds", and how they fell for American accents! ( OH BOY!). Not to flash money about! Be smart , but act dumb, and knowing that Joel and I spoke several languages, not to let on unless it was needed!
After 2/3 hours , the guys said they had to go back to the ship to ready for ship-out. We made our good buys, where upon they left and we were truly alone.
The sun was coming up. we had a couple of hours sleep and full bellies, so we decided to set out on the "Yellow Brick Road!"
Basically the distance from Liverpool to London, ( as the crow flies, is 190 miles. We weren't crows. It took us about 375/400 miles and 3/4 weeks to get there.).
One of the first things we found out was that when you hitch-hike, you don't point up with your thumb but down with you index finger down, (your pointing finger.). The next thing we found out was that things like Milk didn't come in square containers but in triangular ones! hahaha The next thing we realised were the funky names of the towns we went Thur! hahaha funky to us but real to them! Names like Edge Hill, Old Swan, Child Wall, Wave Tree, Gate Acre, Hunts Cross, Widnes, Runcorn, Stoke-on-Trent, NewCastle-Under-Lyme, Missed. I guess they were no stranger then Broken Knee, Purgatory, Last Chance, Dead Wood, Truth of Consequences, Big Whiskey. hahaha.
you haven't heard anything yet until you've heard the incredible, ludicrous, HYSTERICAL names of their Pub's
Joel and I made it a "MUST-DO" to stop in EVERYONE and have a drink, or as we found out , "A PINT OF BITTERS".AND SMOKE A "FAG", that's what they call cigarettes! hahaha
Some of the pub's we came across where ,The Black Spot, The Hand less Dipper, Drunken Goose, Maidens Key, Widow's Wail, The Weeping Eye, Mad Hatter, Headless Goose, Mum's Pantry, The Prancing Rock, The Broken Harp, The Drunken Friar, and so on, and so on.....
We had a field day going thru this new land! We were like 2 kids in "Willy Wonka's Chocolate Factory.", but it wasn't even close to what we encountered in LONDON!

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