Monday, July 26, 2010

A Life In The Day (60)

As it turned out on our last ride on our way to London, we rode in a (?) Lorry (?), a milk truck.
We didn't really know where we were, but BERNARD,( the truck driver) told us to look for a Hostel and go from there.
------------------------------MEDICAL ALERT !!!!!!!!!! -------------------------------


It now seems that I now have a prod from my Doctor to get with it and make daily entries!,

if I wish to get this done in my life autobiography !!! (pun intended !) Back soon , gotta
go for
my CAT SCAN now. Oops ,it gonna take a little longer then I thought. Gotta wait for Valium to kick in also for the M R I , . Apparently I have claustrophobia issues as well and can't lay still for a half hour with out freaking out, so I might be out for the rest of the day. I 'll be back a soon as I can for the rest of ENGLAND and the beginning of AFRIKA !!! yahoo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! at 17 years of age and MONEY ! hahahaha and in 1964 !!

Hi folks, here's a brief catch-up. I'm afraid it seems that the prognosis is not a very good one. The Doctor just reiterated that if I were serious about my autobiography, I'd better hurry up with it!. What I have is an ugly thing ! So.....the rest of the narrative may be curt in some parts , BUT, it will ALL STILL BE TRUE. So, lets all jump back on the magic carpet, shall we? hahaha.


All morning long Joel and I spent the morning walking and looking for a Hostel or a Y.M.C.A.. yes I said Y.M.C.A.. hahaha , they had them there then. Well we found one and checked in then proceeded to check out the city. WOW! The ARCHITECTURE! THE Statuary, the history of what I'm sure the locals took for granted!
Also another surprise was that Joel apparently had NO problem with women that couldn't speak English when it came to sleep or have sex with, but when it came to one that spoke English? He was timid again! hahaha, (go figure?!). We found a place to grab a bit to eat and as we sat there, Joel spent His time looking at all around Him and I spent MY time looking at the girls! / grin.
I caught the eye of a Very PRETTY one who liked what She saw. Joel wanted to walk around and I said we'd meet at TRAFALGAR SQUARE in 2 hours. That's all it took for me to start hitting on Esmeralda,(her name). To get to the point, we hit it off, and hearing I was from America, she went nuts! When I told her where I was staying and for how long, she insisted that I come stay with her in her flat! ( let me think about it? OK!).
The British have an odd but practical way of paying for utilities. They have a little box, the size of a cable box on the our TV's, by the door. If you wanted 1 hour of electricity, you had to put a SHILLING into it, (about 1 US Dollar?), a pain in the ass, but in my case a pain in the toe. You see I broke it as Esmeralda and I were "BOINKIN", and the light went out, I got up to put a Shilling in it for more lights. Wrong thing to do in the dark, in a place you don't know! WHACK! CRACK! YEOW!
Having lived with a mother who broke 4 toes, I knew what to do . LIMP until they set!
During the days , Joel and I looked for GRAND CANADIAN LIFE ASSURANCE Ltd. , so we could cash in our policies and go on our ways.
We finally came across one off Battersea Park. After identifying ourselves and explaining what we wished to do with our policies,(to wit, cash them in and deposit them in an International Bank, such as BARKLEY ), which had offices ALL over the world! After paying a REALLY small cancellation fee,(about $125 !, remember, it was 1964 !), we got our money, deposited it in separate accounts,(at the same Banks, since it was Interglobal.) and then went to the nearest Pub to get drunk! hahahaha.


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