Monday, April 23, 2007

A Life in the Day (2)

Hello, My name is Legion, I say that because I have worn Many hats in my day.One would think that the best place to begin is at the beginning, but hey, I say what the hell, lets start at the beginning! What a concept!"
It started in 1940, on a dark and lonely night" .....................................naw, that's been used. Scratch that!
"It was the best of times , it was the worst of times" ....................crap , that ones' been used to!..............merde! How bout this one ?
" I was born a poor black child " shit, thats a bad one also ,
I was born a short , fat , dorky Jewish kid and I popped out of my Mothers womb the first of 3 issues and the only issue of my Fathers loin. (more on that conundrum later.)
My upbringing was that of a standard Jewish boy in a loving Jewish home,(albeit my mother and Father were matched in Europe at the ages of 3-she, 4-he, they met at the ages of 7 -he, and 6-she, and they married at the ages of 14-he, 13-she. AND they fell in Love! rather romantic , no? oh , did I say that I'm the [product of a Spanish-Jewish mother and a Italian-Jewish Father?SEPHARDIC,] odd combination but great for conversation in the kitchen! )Here I must set my premises! I work 3 jobs to attain MY GOAL! more on that later. after all that is what THIS BLOG is leading up In the future I shall say "IT'S TIME FOR ME TO GO TO WORK AND END THIS SOCIAL DISCOURSE" by typing "E S D ", until I get off work and am back at the keys!SHALOM FOR NOW.

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