Monday, April 23, 2007

A Life in the Day (3)

Well , where to start? My Father was a paragon of virtue, (the typical FATHER KNOWS BEST image), He would come into the living room from work and sweep my mother in an embrace to lean her back and kiss her with all his heart! (And I WAS ALLOWED TO BE A PART OF THIS!), OH FARDGIOUS DAY KALOO- KALAY.............(this really does have a bearing on the rest of the stories. lol ). He would pull out her chair at the dinner table for Pete's' sake! The man was a paragon of virtue AND CHIVALRY, insisting on the quest of knowledge! I basked in his shadow ! At any rate , the sun rose and set with His wakefulness and sleep , for both my mother and I . At my BARMITZFA , instead of money , I was given books. BOOKS of all things! BOOKS over MONEY!!!!! I was over joyed!!! :) My first was "THE COMMENTARIES OF CESAR" . the second was" CYRANO de BERGERAC". I've read the first at least once every 5 yrs. , the second 2/3 times a year. Need I say that I too am a romantic? lol .. The GOD, (my Father) insisted that I learn about Nature and Her children, in all aspects. I did as the RABBI, (my Father ) said. Hell, Euell Gibbons was rite up there with SUPERMAN Comic Books!! and the Encyclopedia Britannica , (thank you Mickey mouse clubhouses JIMMINY CRICKET!)!!!!!!!!!All this is leading up to the fact that my Father always treated me as His child with an adult mind. On Shabes He and I would sit at the dinning room table and discuss philosophy , religion and the construction of my roller skated , 2x4 , apple crate scooter.
Being as how we had to live in L.A. for the next year,(did I SAY THAT MY Father WAS A COOPERATE INTERPRETER? if He had a job over 6 months on 1 coast or the other He would move the family with Him. He had the ability to speak 26 tongues , and being a Jew from Europe during the war and doing the same for European corporations there He was of value to the German Nazis' Machine for the cooperate knowledge He held in His mind .............He fled or we would not be here today.).and there were no Hebrew schools around , I was placed in a Catholic school , one , naw , many steps above Public schools.
Anyway , one day in Catechism class in the 5'th grade, THE NUN! Sister Mary Lua aka.THE KILLER WHALE ! asked me to go to the head of the class and give my take on jesus the christ,(KNOWING that I was JEWISH! ), I did with all innocents. she asked me again,in a loud voice,"and what do you think of jesus christ?", and I replied, "you mean that good JEWISH boy gone bad?"............................WRONG ANSWER!.................

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