Saturday, April 28, 2007

A Life in the Day (6)

Shalom. :) back
There are times I wish I were younger.........but hey , I can't dance in the clouds forever! lol lol
Now, where was I ? ? ? .......................................... BAD ANSWER............., right .
After Her initial SHOCK, I then preceded to Beat her hand with my face , I scratched her nails with my flesh , (BOY, I WAS GETTING TO HER!), then I pummeled her racking hands with my shirt! (a left ! a right!), I could hear her tiring! I beat her arms and fists with my body! (1 , 2!),, but why is it that after I had gotten the best of her I felt so "beaten"? .
I was sent home directly after the confrontation in disgrace. I took the back paths home so as to stay out of the ways of the neighborhood street gangs of the then acceptable south L.A. neighborhoods! (did I mention that I was a short fat Jewish kid IN A PREDOMINATELY LATIN , CATHOLIC neighborhood?)
I walked the 5 or 6 miles home to find myself at the front door of our house, where my mother answered the door . She then upon looking at my bloodied face and clothes , proceeded to utter a single word," BWAAAAAAAAAAA!!"and disjointedly fell on the floor, pasted out , arms akimbo, legs splayed out in a very un-motherly like manner.
Being a kid of 9? or however old one is in the 5'th grade, I did what all kids did at that time from what they have seen on T V . I ran to the fridge and grabbed a pitcher of Lemonade and threw it ALL on her! (to wake her up of course). That wasn't the best choice I found out later.......
When she had awakened, (not yet noticing that she was drenched in lemonade) , she asked me what had happened to me to look this way, (bloodied face and bleeding ears, ripped school shirt). As I told her , the expression on her face changed from incredibility to anger , which I misinterpreted as directed to me. I was then told to go to my room and NOT to clean or wash my face! she was going to call GOD! , (my father), at work immediately! As I dragged myself to my room, ( I was a dead man((inject boy.))walking!) Once there , I sought the Only understanding and totally accepting friend I had cockerspaniel puppy, NUNIE! (don't ask! who knows what craziness lurks in the mind of a 9 year old kid when choosing his puppies name?).

E S D.

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