Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Life in the Day (12)

After Flag raising, we'd march into the mess hall and sit at ridged attention with our arms folded in front of us chest high until told "AT EASE', and could start eating. (unless of course you had acquired DEMERITS, ), then you'd be left that way for the whole meal, until the end , where upon you'd be the last one to rise and be told to throw your meal in the trash without eating!(everything one sees in bad "b" movies about military academies is true and then some.). The same ritualistic bullshit transpired for lunch and dinner.Meanwhile the day students would be debarking from their buses.
After any given meal we would have 45 mins. of free time before we'd form up again to drill for 1 hr. then off to classes. Before we finish the day off and go to the dorms , let me jump to the week ends and its "fun". Parents were ALLOWED to take their kids 1 week-end a month to spend at home. (in retrospect , I think MOST parents preferred it that way,)
After the standard crap of the mess halls , we were allowed to go outside in the yards to do what ever. many of us played marbles , and some of us were really good at it . (THAT'S ME! lol), I had one game that was a sure winner for the golden drops of glass. I would sit down with my legs extended and put my 'CHAP STICK" standing on end at my crotch turned upside down with a marble in the cup, and the kids would shoot at it from the imaginary line drawn at the bottom of my feet, in the hopes of hitting off the marble and not knocking over the chapstick. If they did so they would get 5 to 1.It was a great scam! The other kids thought it was so good that they started it on there own. (I was losing suckers!), so I did something no one thought of ,(I put the odds in my favor!), I put a "pee-wee" in the cup !.(it was IMPOSSIBLE to knock off the marble without knocking over the chapstick! I WAS RICH!!!!!! And at 'POTS" I was the undisputed KING!, (of course I cheated! I used an "AGGIE", If you 've never played marbles then to explain it to you would be casting "pearls before swine")
Anyway , as in any world of high finance you would have your parasites who would come around and demand their cut of the action. (the BIG kids, LYSTER , THOMPSON and PHELPS) , They were in Band company. (so was I but, I'll get to that later.) Anyway they were big and bullies and they beat up on us and took anything they wanted! ANYTHING!
I was tired of being terrorized and decided to put an end to it! (Did I say that I like to read? LAU TZUE WAS A GREAT TACTICIAN! lol ) , reading that and coupled with Fathers sense of honor gave me the courage to do what I did next. For days, weeks I studied their habits and schedules. I picked my own battlefield and weapon! I waited until LYSTER (the biggest one),was alone and walking to the lockers and as he turned the corner I brought the baseball bat in a 'MICKEY MANTLE' swing and broke his knee! as he was on the ground crying with no one around to hear , I calmly walked over to stand above him , (inside I was jell-o!) and said ,"If you or the others ever steal from me or my friends again or beat us up in retribution , (I had to explain the word to him.), or snitch on me. I will find you and break the other knee! " DO YOU UNDERSTAND?!",crying and clutching his knee all he could do was nod.
Somehow later some cadets came around and took him to the infirmary and there to the hospital. when he returned with a cast. He and his two goons never harassed us again!( remember that thies guys were 15 and 16 and hitting the growth spurt and BIG!)
Another instance was CADET CAMPBELL! He was our dorm leader, a Sargent by rank.(15 years old!)
On Saturdays we would have "White Glove " inspections for all the Dorms, and after them we would be required to stay in situe until dismissed by our DORM LEADERS, here is where SGT. CAMPBELL(15 YEARS OLD!) would take his sadistic pleasures! We cadets were made to stand at attention before our bunks and the terror would begin! Campbell had a DAISEY PELLET GUN(that looked like a 45cal. "glock" which he kept in his duffel bag (long before HOME LAND SECURITY STANDARDS or simple school restrictions!), and would bring it out and LOAD it! at which point he would rattle off a litany of offences to his person by us. such as not cleaning his locker enough, not polishing his shoes bright enough to shine, not giving him our candy rations or just basic bullshit in general. At which point we were ordered to "about face", and he would then proceed to shoot us in the ass or legs or feet. places that would show nothing more the welts that looked like mosquito bites.
Over the weekend I had thought and thought and decided that I as well as the others had had, ENOUGH!
I waited until Sunday night around 2am , after Capt. WINTERS,(more on him later!), did his rounds and had Myers standing by the latrines as a look out and Becker by the door to let us know if Myers gave the high sign of intrusion. Meanwhile Carter and Morales stood by with a gag as I pulled up his, "Campbells'", sleeping head by his hair to be gaged!
When he groped out, I came down with the "LOUISVILLE SLUGGER" on his leg, then as he went to his leg, I got him on the arm, as he grabbed his arm, I got him in the stomach! he was down for the count but not out! as he lay there crying I got his Pellet Gun and stuck it to his head and said, "IF YOU EVER draw this on us again I will make it so you NEVER walk again! DO YOU UNDERSTAND?"
He was VERY stiff the next day ,and NEVER snitched on us and asked for a TRANSFER to another dorm 3 days later!

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