Wednesday, May 16, 2007

A Life in the Day (13)

During the time that I was at P.A. I was actually fortunate to hear the beeping sounds of the Russian SPUTNIK as it traveled in its orbit over the earth. Remember this was still the time of the "RED THREAT".We , the cadets were gathered in the big dorms of L&M, to sit around on the floor to listen to Capt. Winters shortwave radio in awe as we heard the beeping sound of TOMORROW!
OK , so now what? beeps , big deal! I'm 12! who cares! RED THREAT! what's that? a rash?
Does anyone remember "the ED SULLIVAN SHOW"?
We had a main viewing hall where we cadets could watch TV en mass when we came back from home leave. Well on this one night the ED SULLIVAN show was on and he had this group of British kids with mop head hair-dos and skinny pants and guitars and this happy beagle looking kid on the drums. they called themselves "THE BEATLES", who knew? They sang some song called,"I WANNA HOLD YOUR HAND", or something like that.
UPCOMING ............NIGHTS...and...........
THE DEMERITS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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