Friday, May 18, 2007

A Life in the Day (14) Pedophile Academy !

Now don't go thinking that those Demerits went by untallied. NO! The totals were kept scrupulously by the child officers and turned every night to the adult officers at the end of the day to be dealt with at their desecration.(and I mean ....At Their Own Desecration!)

The greatest offender of authority and trust was one Capt. Winters!( remember him? )I have no qualms at this point in time in giving his name for you see that at the age of 12 HE seemed really OLD least 35 or 40, and by now he has to be dead, so there can be no ramifications now.
This is taking me some time to compose so bare with me................
At nights and after free time ,we were called to formation , read off information for the marrow then dismissed to troop off to our dorms.Once in our dorms and changed into our PJ's . We would stand at attention at the foot of our bunks until the child soldier wanna-be's came to call off the names of the daily winners of the highest DEMERITS and were called into the hall to be marched to stand again along the wall next to the room of Capt. Winters and await his metting out of justice upon his return from rounds.
ALL this comes forth at this point in time from places of fear and loathing, from cellars of fright and shame. IT WAS ALL DESPICABLE AND YET FASCINATING. For the kids involved.......I pitied them for their ignorance , compliance and culpability. In essence? fuck'em...........they got what they .......wanted?
You see Capt. Winters had in his employ "RAT FINKS" THAT HE PAID OFF WITH BOXES OF "Babe Ruth's, Aba-Zabazs,3 Musketeers or,appropriately enough, Paydays. "
to report to him the kids who were seen masturbating in there bunks at night after lights out or at the time (50's) acting "QUEER",WHEREUPON HE WOULD TAKE SPECIAL NOTE OF SAID KIDS ACTIONS. and if he felt that there was fertile soil to plow(!) , would make it a point to make sure that they received "Demetris".
As we cadets stood (at first), butts to wall (yeah, I was a regular there! I was the one who challenged the teachers on their outdated teachings information in the class rooms),we would await the arrival of the capt. to come tell us of our time to be spent with NOSE to WALL! IN HOURS!
As was customary, Capt. Winters would walk down the hall and read off the offenders to be meted out punishments, and those he would take to his quarters for talks!(thies were the kids who were first time offenders and turn-ins from the Kid Officer RAT FINKS! CURRING FAVOR WITH THE GROWNUPS!of any adolescent sexual misbehavior.)
I was ON THE WALL almost every night so I had the opportunity to mark his time allocations.It also seemed that I had balls enough,(albeit the size of pee-wee marbles ), to go look thur his key hole to see what was going on.(the other cadets either were too young, too afraid or just too innocent to go sneak and take a look ), and what I saw was an introduction into the world of "CALIGULA"