Wednesday, May 23, 2007

A Life in the Day (15) P.A.............................................
On those nights that Capt. Winters took the kids of special interest to his room,(only 1 per night!), I would sneak over to and alternately put my ear or my eye to the keyhole to look and listen to his words and actions.In his little WILLIE WONKA WORLD of his 10'x15' room. He had his H.O. train set running around track flats on the walls to bring the kids at ease and not think much of any punishments that might or might not happen.He would alternately either give them candy or let them play with his H O Train set to put them in a total comfort zone.
At this point he would get around to mentioning that he(the kid), was seen playing with himself and ask the dumb kid if he had enjoyed it? The kid would answer something like,"yeah, sure , I guess." Whereupon Capt.Winters, this sick,deranged fuck(!)would ask the kid to show him how he played with himself.(!) Inevitably the kid would get a hard on the size of a Vienna sausage from those little cans, and the ludicrous part was that Winters was not much bigger! (lol!)!
It got to the point that I could tell what was going to happen depending on which kid went into his room. Whether it would be FELLATIO or depending on the kids size,(NO PUN!), it would be SODOMY! I can't , no I won't mention any names of the kids seeing as how they still may be alive today as high placed political officials in California government TO THIS DAY! But I digress.
What gets me is that parents of the 50's NEVER BELIEVED US KIDS IF WE TOLD WHAT WAS HAPPENING AT BOARDING SCHOOLS!!!!!!!!!!! Who could we turn to? Tell the police and they would scoff at children! then they would tell our parents and then THEY would begin to either do a tap dance on our heads or bring out the belt! (YES , THE BELT!).
Now how does one make a segway from this?............

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