Monday, May 28, 2007

A Life in the Day (16)

WEEK-END MILITARY SCHOOL SHOWOFF DAYS.......(see how good we treat your kids?)...........................
( Believe me folks, I want to get out of this 12 year old world as much as you do ! I want to runaway to THE WORLD SO MUCH! Just bear with me for a few more installments? lol ).

OK , so here comes my attempt to curry favor with Capt. Beauchamp by introducing him to my mother.(actually I was tired of being knuckled on the head for questioning authority).
At this point I should state that my mother was released from LA-LA LAND and was now living in her own flat. And unbeknownst to me,she had another life .(Hey! that's what grown-ups do! Right?)

As it happened on this Sunday , mother came to see how her ward was doing and do her matriarchal duty by sitting in the bleachers with the other ........parents (?),to be seen by THEIR wards.

After chow, inspection,suit-up, formations and drills, just to show off how well we were trained. (wolf! wolf!) , we were then dismissed either to run like rockets to our parents or to drift like lost waifs in a wind! Me? I would rather go read a book...., but on this Sunday, mother came to be seen by one and all, did I mention that she could have passed for the twin sister of RITA MORENO?(more on that piece of parental DRECK. (Yiddish again,=shit!)) As she came to me and pay her respects, Capt. Beauchamp zeroed in on her like a dog in lust!( I would have phrased it as "a bitch in heat", but that mainly pertains to bitches, and my mother hadn't attained that stature .......yet.) At any rate Beauchamp would come over with his CLARK GABLE looks and really hit on my mother, and in time acquired a date for drinks with her which led to more................

You see, the woman that emerged from that institution was NOT the same woman that gave birth to me! by the time that this narrative is taking place , my mother has had 2 husbands and I have acquired 1 step-sister.Lupi by name, and we became very good friends in time, and for life, until the night the whole family was killed on Christmas Eve. More on our adventures a bit later. You'll love 'em!

At this point I was allowed to come home for the week ends more to be a witness then protection,(HEY! I'm 11, 5'2'', 38"waist, 178lbs.what could I do? sit on an aggressor? ), as I came to think about it in later times And I remember, we , both she and I never spent those week ends at our house but always at some female friend single mother she had met at P.A. (HEY! GIRLS GOTTA HAVE FUN TOO! RIGHT?)right............and yo mama to boot!

A strange thing would occur in the mornings that i never had seen when mother had come out of the bedroom when Father was alive. she would come out wearing make-up............apparently they weren't only bumping uglies , but it seemed that Capt. Beauchamp was also BUMPING her! Its no wonder that only after her 2'ND and last date with him, he started, REALLY started knuckling my head for no apparent reasons!

Well enough of this maudlin DRECK lets go on to how Micheal and I became step-brothers and mother met and married her 4'Th and final husband,(to my knowledge.).


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