Saturday, August 25, 2007

A Life In The Day (27)

---------LATER THAT NIGHT--------
Now here it gets dicey .........
OK , so now (what , 1/2 hour later?) , everyone is perty well smashed including Joel and myself , who no longer even CARE if we get drawn and quartered or raped or thrown into a locked room full of rabid Jehovah's Whiteness's confronting 2 drunk JEW boys !
So here we are all merrily sitting around the fire when "EL ZAPATA", says "Trigan la MOTA, HOMBRES ! " (translated = bring on the shit boys, mary jane , weed , REEFER .............),
By this time Joel and I didn't give a rats ass what might happen to us ! Hell , We had a full stomach of lizards , snake , cactus pears , Tequila and JUST smoked a shit load of REEFER !
ha ha ha ha ha ha ha .........
christ ! I'm getting a contact high just typing this out !!!!!!!!!
He and his men seemed to be dealing with the high better then Joel and I .We were just sitting there , bleary eyed with shit eating grins on our faces and full stomachs as He said to us , " That boy that the 2 of you had befriended at "LA PLATA Catina" is my nephew ., and I was told that you , (as He looked at me .), treated Him with dignity and brotherhood.!"
(HOW THE HELL DID HE KNOW THIS? we didn't see any telephone poles, wires, heliographs , smoke signals , pony express.....WE DIDN'T SEE DICK!! HOW... DID... HE... KNOW ??? !!! ).
From that point on We were in LA LA LAND.............
As the night progressed Joel and I seemed to go in and out of that "PURPLE HAZE " that you might have heard that GUY sing about in the '60s . In retrospect I have often wondered
if "LA MOTA " , could of had some ground up "PEYOTE " mixed in with it . All that I know is that it was the COOLEST reefer that I've EVER had in My life, bar none !
So the rest that transpired during the rest of the night was all kind of a blur.....
I kinda remember that "EL ZAPATA" , said something about gratitude for the humanity and generosity that I had shown to his nephew, that and the fact that after "watching"(?) us and seeing how we had managed to live off the land like true "HIJOSES (sp) DE LA TIERRA"
= "SONS OF THE EARTH", he was happy and willing to grant us "SAFE PASSAGE FROM ANY AND ALL BANDIDOS " we might encounter on our way to Central America . (apparently , that was the extent of His power, influence (?) , also it seemed as we found out Early the next morning a GREAT TRAVEL GIFT with the injunction not to have it on our person if we came to any city , being "GRINGOS"and all.
I think that we ALL laughed a great deal that night and comradery was as thick among us as
honey on hot buttered toast. ( somewhere along the way Joel and I passed out only to be wakened by a BEAUTIFUL sun peeking over the mountains in the east . )

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