Friday, August 31, 2007

A Life In The Day (28)

................. THE GIFTS ................
We woke up the next morning ,bright eyed and bushy tailed. ( NO PUN !)., and
as we set about stoking the embers of last nights fire and ready-ing coffee, I started to relate to Joel what I thought could have been a dream and just needed feed back on the weirdness of it .
Joel perty much co-oburated all that I thought , it being a WEIRD DREAM , and we both started laughing !!!!!!
Joel said He was going to the bikes for something and a moment later I heard Him call me over in kind of a panic!
From Joel's handlebars were hanging 4 cleaned and dress rabbits , from mine were both our helmets with one full of prairie hen eggs and in the other a KILO of REEFER in it !!!!!!! WHOA !!!
Without saying a word Joel got 2 of the rabbits , took them back to the camp fire and cooked them and the eggs , we ate and didn't say a word until we had digested both the food and our thoughts.
By this time it was about 10 am , ( really late for the desert ), Joel looks over at me and asked,
" so what do ya think about it all ? "
I replied , " If all that went down last night was for real , then the way I see it , we have CARTE BLANCH as far as our travel goes. at least as long as we choose to stay in the country of Mexico. But hey , there's more to the world then Mexico! ha ha ha (you see we had more balls then brains ! remember we are 17 !)"
So we cleaned up camp and hit the road again but just before we did I stopped , bent over and picked up desert sand and faced to the North and threw up some sand , then I turned to the West and did the same as I did to the South and East. Joel asked me what the hell I was doing , and I told him , "I'm saying THANK YOU TO MOTHER EARTH FOR OUR BOUNTY .".
The funny thing was that Joel didn't laugh but did the same thing.
We headed south of Saltillo going perty much down the center of the Mexico corridor with no particular time schedule in mind.
Along the way we had some REALLY super nite rides !
" Have you ever danced with the devil in the cold moonlight? , Or soared to the silvery moon on ethereal , (than you Lindy ) wings of gossamer thoughts and returned to the earth and chased Bats as they flew though the night winds chasing their nocturnal foods only to scare the shit out of them ,wondering " what the hell was that?!"? all the while doing 50 MPH on a desert highway with no headlights at 2am , and the moon shining down with the blue brightness of the SUN ?with nothing before or behind you for MILES and MILES? "
LET ME DIGRESS......... :)
Remember that I had said / thought/wondered , if the MOTA, was laced with ground PEYOTE?
Well , Joel and I ,because of our GIFT, now had the pleasure of sharing "joints" during the days rides , and subsequently had a fucking ball (!) riding thru the desert at night !
Sometimes we even did 14MPH at a stretch...................... :)
Time at this point was liken to sand that you emptied out of your shoe while sitting down after walking on the beach ..........
Hunger was liken to a Very distant relative knocking on the door 5 houses down the road.......................
Worry was like something that had been flushed down the toilet , yesterday.................
The future was like a brand new NEW YORK STYLE CHEESECAKE and a PITCHER of ICE COLD MILK beside it just WAITING TO BE EATEN !!!!!!!
Think of the clearest night you have EVER encountered outside under the canopy of Gawds cloak. The BRIGHTEST night that you EVER thought you saw was a black room compared to the skies of a DESERT , hundreds of miles from civilization and neon lights ! You could sit , or RIDE (HA HA HA HA ) and see the Majesty of THE HEAVENS and all the balls on the celestial pool table as they all banked off the rails OF THE UNIVERSE !!!!!!!!!!!
WOWSER !!!!!!!!!!
We would plan our days so that we were rested enough to settle at a campsite at sunset and eat a bit so that we could "burn" a "J" and then RIDE THE HIGHWAYS AT NIGHT with NO HEADLIGHTS ON ! And with NO sound on other then our WELL TUNED BIKES!!!!!!
!!!!!!!!!!!!! WHAT A FUCKING RUSH !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Imagine riding on the surface of the MOON , or MARS !!!!!!!! ( THANK YOU John Carter for letting me and my buddy ride on your canals of VASOOM !!!!!!! :) PS. I love your diaries ! )

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