Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Life In The Day (41)

the JUNGLE and the BITCHES (part 2)
(I'm still alive?)
As Carlos came to me with the fruit in his hand and a slight grin on his face, he bade me to have a small bite.

As I sat there nibbling the fruit which kinda tasted like a "jicima"(the meat looked like that of a turnip), not bland or bitter, kind of a nice nutty taste. I listened to him tell me of the terrain, and what to look for and look out for. He also told me of the tubers, fruit and plants that were eatable, also that if Joel and I were ever hard up for "healthy" water , what kind of vines to look for, (open my boyscout knife and cut the vine on the slant and hold it over my mouth and get ready for the sweetest, healthiest liquid I have ever had!). As I listened to him go on, I began to have trouble with both my hearing and vision......................

(authors note)-

I had not done ACID yet at this time, but in retrospect? WOW!!!!!!!

As Carlos talked it seemed as if his mouth was made out of Jello, with every word he spoke the lower part of his face Giggled! As he looked at me, his eyes looked the way you see the ripples in a pond as you toss a pebble into it, with the circles expanding to infinity. This was some trip!!

As Carlos continued to speak, I seemed to be going thru a metamorphosis. I began to melt into the tree that I was leaning against and seemed to MELT into it! At this point I began to see Carlos from the branches, then the leaves, then the roots and finally the tree itself!

He told me later what he told me then. That depending on the amount that one eats equals the duration of your HIGH!

3 hours later! ha ha ha ha. As I woke up I saw Carlos napping a little ways off. He woke up with a grin on his face and asked me how I felt? ha ha ha ha . I asked . WHAT THE FUCK JUST HAPPENED? He started laughing and began to tell me.

He basically said that this was the way many of the men and boys got high with safety. That there was no after effect. That one did NOT become dependant of it, and then again went thru all of what he had said about the jungle foods. We then went back to the town and to a cantina to eat, and asked me more questions about the world. I told him what I could, and gave the only copy of Playboy that I had.

The next morning after I had eaten my fill , I said goodbye to Carlos and Joel, telling Him that I would be away for a week, and set off on my "Horse" for the "Jungle of the Bitches".

I left at about 6 AM. The day was grey and humid and I was young and stupid. I rode for awhile looking at my surroundings to make sure I could find my way back. After a bit of hard riding I came to a rise where I could see the Valley of the ROCKS, and then proceeded to look for a good place to hide and cover my Bike.

As I left the bike and went to where Carlos said the river would be , I left all but the basic clothing I would need to approach the "BITCHES", without the scent of civilization on me. I just wore my cut-offs and a straw hat, plus of course my boy scout knife. Carlo had said that if I came across any mud puddles, to rub it all over myself as best I could for protection against Mosquitoes until I came to a stream to commence my cleansing of odors.

When I got to the stream I took off my cut-offs and my hat, keeping them both in hand and remembered what Carlos had told me , that I was not to pee in the water because small parasitical worms would swim up the stream of warm urine to lodge themselves in your "schlong", and there take up residence to lay eggs for future parasites and eventually go blind, have kidney failure and die! As I walked into the large , slow running stream , I would gather sand from the bottom and start to scrub myself everywhere on my body, from crotch to arm pits., my hair most of all. I then proceeded to wash my cut-offs over and over , even my straw hat. I then came out and put my pants and hat on a large rock to dry and went looking for mud.

When I found an alcove of stagnant water with a shit load of mud , I commenced wallowing in the filth! (YUCK!) When I was completely covered and dried, I went back for my pants and hat, put them on and then walked to where I had heard some barking off in the distance to the north east.


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